Aries Floral Paisley Collection


Aries Floral Paisley Collection

Our Aries Floral Paisley Vest has so many options, you can Mix & Match with our Modern/Simply Solid ties to coordinate with Dress colors to give the perfect look you want.

FP176V Vest: Lining Back, 4 Bt, faux pocket, dart to pockets
FP176V Boy's (Backless)  
FP176BTH Hand Knot: Pre-Tied Bow Tie (2 1/4" Special)
FP176BTH2 Hand Knot: Pre-Tied Bow Tie (2 3/4")
FP176WT Windsor Tie-Banded  
FP176PS Pocket Square  
FP176ST                  Self-Tie Long Tie Regular 58" length
      Long - 62" length
      XL - 70" length
    XL Size 10%
FP176SU                  Suspender XL Size +10%         
Offered in 54 colors    



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