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Mark of Distinction offers a second coat for your special day! After the ceremony, change coats to unwind and party with your loved ones.

Gotham Crushed Velvet

Available for Spring 2023



Marquis Raised Weave

New for Spring 2023



Aries Paisley Coats

3 New Coats Available for Spring 2023!


Want to increase your tuxedo rentals and sales?

Offer your grooms an opportunity to either rent or purchase an additional tuxedo coat for the reception.

With so many color options in our Aries line to choose from there is bound to be a second coat to fall in love with all over again.

Austin Quilted Weave Coat

Today’s bride is changing from her traditional wedding gown into a more fashionable and comfortable dress after the ceremony; why not offer the groom the same option.

Our Austin Jacket has just enough sparkle to show his fashionable side also.

Camo Lamé Coats


What better way to liven up the reception then to have the groom step out in one of our Camo Lamé coat’s, no-one will say he is in hiding from his beautiful new partner.

They sure will stand out as the couple in love.

Stretch Print Coats

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When the Bride changes into her second special dress for their unforgettable dance the groom needs to get relaxed and ready to party with a "cool" tuxedo coat!

Stretch Suede Fabric Coats

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When the Bride steps out of her traditional wedding gown and into her super fashionable second dress, she will steal the show until the groom swaggers in with his also fashionable and danceable Stretch Suede jacket.

Then the two of them can dance the night away in comfort and style!

Starlight Lamé Coats

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The bride has the option to change into a second Super Glam Outfit so why can’t the groom?

Our starlight Lame jackets have many color options that I’m sure they could find one to bring out the sparkle in the bride’s eyes.

Lurex Coats

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Every Bride wants a Cinderella wedding with all the trimming, from her traditional gown to her glitter & lace outfit change and her man in his super stylish Reception Jacket.

Now this couple is ready for their fairy tale adventure to begin.