Gotham Crushed Velvet Tuxedo


Gotham Crushed Velvet Tuxedo

Available for Spring 2023

Style # JGOTH47S

  • Dyed and Crushed Velvet - 100% Polyester *NEW

Available Colors

  • Black (shown) J01

Coordinating Velvet Accessories

Dyed 100% Polyester Velvet Fabric

DVEL1V 4 Button Vest, Lining Back
DVEL1BTH Hand Know Bow Tie
DVEL1WT Windsor Tie
DVEL1TT To-Tie Hand Tied Bow*
DVEL1PS Pocket Square
DVEL1BTR Tear Drop Bow Tie* (Special Order: *minimum order 3 pieces per color)


Available Accessory

Color Code Color
401 Black
511 Plum
508 Grey
527 Dove
570 Mink
521 Amethyst
666 Burgundy
411 Aubergine
464 Navy
553 Dark Blue
463 Apple Red
632 Pink
456 Evergreen
415 Bronze Gold

** Custom coats can also be made in the above colors, ask your PSF customer service representative for more information.


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